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The second show in the IRT Season, TERMINUS by Mark O’Rowe, will premiere at the Palaver Tree Theater in Crawfordville on November 16 & 17. This is not your mother’s kitchen drama. It’s a play exploring the working class in modern Dublin using amazing prose and rhyme schemes and is the closest thing to Irish rap in recent memory. It is also filled with adult situations and language, and is DEFINITELY not recommended for young people. It is a seriously edgy work of theater that will enthrall and repulse, and IRT is proud to present this VERY challenging Irish script.

Told in monologues, the play lets the audience imagine the brutal stories being shared: An ex-schoolteacher trying to save a former student from having an abortion, a downtrodden young woman whose most important relationship is with a demon made of worms, and a violent psychopath who really just wants to sing.

The cast includes Erika Stone, Jenna Gagliano, and Lucas Dykes, and this spoken piece is directed by Lanny Thomas. The production is sponsored by TWO very generous Anonymous donors. It will be presented at the Palaver Tree Theater in Crawfordville on Friday, November 16 & Saturday November 17 at 7:30 pm for $15 (with special thanks to Herb Donaldson).

The Palaver Tree Theater is located at 59 Shadeville Rd. in Crawfordville, right off of Crawfordville Hwy (319). This relative newcomer to the Big Bend theater scene is a gem. With a welcoming spirit, it is building a reputation for doing cutting-edge work.

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Here’s what critics have said about Terminus:

“The language is brilliant, a vertiginous concatenation of assonance and rhyme (“nipples poking, evoking so prevailing a craving, I’m quaking”), whose rhythm remains limber enough to let the play – and its audience – breathe.”
      —from The Guardian about the Young Vic production in London

“…a dense, musical brand of colloquial poetry that sounds like a mix between Jay-Z and Tom Wolfe on a gonzo riff…”
      —from The New York Times by Jason Zinoman

“O’Rowe brings us on a metaphysical journey: from purgatorial depravation to ecstatic sexual escape; from the physical space of the theatre into the limitless depths of our imaginations.”
     —reprinted in The Irish Times from “The Plays of Mark O’Rowe” by Sara Keating and Emma              Creedon

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