Individual Show Sponsorship

IRT has added a new category of Sponsorship that allows a Sponsor to be specifically identified with a particular show in the IRT Season. The next shows are:

Dear Liar by Jerome Kilty, directed by Marlene DuBois

Endgame by Samuel Beckett, directed by Gary Brame

Please contact Martha Stewart for more detailed information. 

Benefits of Show Sponsorship

The following are ways in which we will recognize and thank you for your sponsorship:

  1. Complimentary tickets for any performance of the show. The level of sponsorship determines the number of tickets.
  2. Invitation to speak at opening night or a Saturday evening performance.
  3. Recognition in the program.
  4. Recognition on the IRT website.
  5. Recognition on other social media publicity.
  6. Recognition at opening night celebration if agreed to by director and actors in the play.

The Irish Repertory Theater, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization.
You are entitled to a tax deduction as determined by your tax preparer. 

Become a Member or a Patron of IRT

IRT Member

It’s easy! Just come to a show and fill out a card to be on our mailing list or just add your name and email address. You will automatically receive our electronic newsletters and information regarding IRT community projects, events, and stage productions.

We have developed a four-tiered Patronage program
for the increased production schedule of IRT.

Banshee  ($250)  is a spirit in the form of a wailing woman. This term came to English from the Old Irish term ben side meaning “woman of the fairy mound.” Irish legend says only families of high rank and pure Irish blood would hear the shrill howl of the banshee.

Cluricaun ($500) is an Irish elf, or perhaps a fairy, in the form of a tiny old man. He exists in a state of perpetual drunkenness and loves to play practical jokes. W. B. Yeats writes: “Some suppose he is merely the Leprechaun on a spree.”

Fear Gorta ($750) This supernatural being roams the earth in the form of an emaciated man during times of famine. He begs for food, and gives good fortune to those who help him.

Leprechaun ($1000+) This sprite of Irish folklore is one of the world’s most recognized mythical creatures. You might think of him as a quaint little man who will reveal the location of gold to anyone who catches him.

Benefits of Patronage

Banshee: TWO tickets to each show of the season, listed in the program for each show of the season, listed on the web page for the season.

Cluricaun: FOUR tickets for each show of the season and the other benefits for the $250 level

Fear Gorta FOUR tickets for each show of the season, the other benefits for the proceeding two levels, dinner after a performance of the show of your choice with the director of the show and/or an actor of your choice if available, depending on scheduling.

Leprechaun: SIX tickets for each show in the season and the other benefits the same as all the proceeding levels.

Please consider joining
our distinguished list of Patrons!

Sue & Joe Boyd
Kelley & Ryan Burk
Caroline & Don T. Carrigan
Carroll & Company
Jim Crews
Pamela Flory-Smith
Tom Gallagher
Joe & Rhonda Gaudino
Barbara Judd
Tim & Shirley Kerns
Pat McCaffrey
Nancy McDaniel
Susan & Bob McKnight
Jim McMurtry
Bruce Moore
Nancy Munger
Kae O’Brien
Dianne Nagle & Bill Pickron
Dana Preu
Christine & Dennis Reilly, Jr.
Kathleen Rose
Judy & Mike Sheridan
Gary & Barbara Stilwell

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