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As part of the Monticello Opera House’s Irish Festival,
IRT is presenting a revival of our popular
Irish Folktales on February 3rd at 5 pm.
Four very family-friendly tales adapted for
the stage from the rich oral tradition of
Irish stories passed down through the ages.

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Full of magic and fairies, you will be treated to a fanciful world of talking animals and dastardly giants that illustrate the range of the Irish imagination. The four folktales include:

  • The Kildare Pooka – A talking donkey has a mission to help the servants of a country estate.

  • A White Trout – A lovesick princess is transformed into a fairy fish.

  • Guleesh na Guss Dhu – A ne’er-do-well joins a band of fairies to find his true love.

  • The Little White Cat – A magical fairy feline guides a princess and prince through adversity to marriage.


Irish Folktales will include performances by the Tallahassee Irish Step Dancers that will leave you breathless!

Irish step dance

Additionally, the Irish tunes by Meabh’s Mavericks will tickle your ears, and they will also contribute sound effects during Folktales.

meabh's mavericks



There’s Dinner served downstairs at 7 pm. And then there’s


upstairs at 8 pm.

This wild Irish band returns to the Opera House for a full-on concert you won’t want to miss!


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