March 21 – 30th!


A rollicking frolic in Western Ireland!

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Set in Sligo, Ireland, circa 1874, this swashbuckling, comedy/melodrama is a romp through the Irish countryside.  Two fair maidens, Claire Ffolliott (Laura Johnson) and Arte O’Neal (Kate Bollone) try to maintain their family’s estate against the onslaught of the machinations of Kinchela (Jim McMurtry), while their brother and betrothed Robert Ffolliott (John McDonald) is serving out his sentence for treason in Australia. But with the help of his rapscallion childhood friend, Conn the Irish Vagabond (Joe Fisher), Robert has escaped and returned to right the wrongs done to him.

When word gets out, the British army sends a battalion of troops, headed by Captain Molineux (Lanny Thomas), to intercept the fugitive. But Kinchela and his equally nefarious henchman Harvey Duff (John Stephenson) plan to thwart them in any way they can, and their schemes just might work, despite the hilarious efforts of Conn, his endearing mother Mrs. O’Kelly (Heather Brown), his faithful fiancée Moya Dolan (Molly Wilson), and her devoutly pious uncle, Father Dolan (Marc Cramer).

Back and forth, plots from both sides succeed or are thwarted by shenanigans or disguises, and just when it looks like all hope is lost, there is Conn with a new trick up his sleeve! Except (oh no!) will evil have the last laugh, even over him? Will Kinchela and Duff pull it off and kidnap the beautiful Arte into a life away from her betrothed Robert and her loving friends and family? Will the three pairs of lovers overcome the obstacles that keep them apart? Will the bad guys win after all?

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