IRT is proud to announce AUDITIONS for our next two shows, as part of our pop-up series: plays that will have multiple venues throughout Tallahassee and the surrounding area. Don Juan in Hell is the third act of George Bernard Shaw’s (an Irishman!) Man and Superman, and will be directed by Jeff Mandel. Terminus by Mark O. Rowe is a wild and gorgeous Irish rap with very dark human interactions, and will be directed by Lanny Thomas.

The Auditions will take place in the Laundry Cottage at Goodwood Museum and Gardens.

Goodwood Museum and Gardens
1600 Miccosukee Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32308

Check back here for more information: character descriptions, audition sides, and an online Audition Form.

Audition Form

If you would like to submit your Audition Form prior to the auditions, here is a PDF that you can fill out online. Download the form and save it to your computer. Please note this file works best with the latest version of Adobe Reader. It is recommended that you download the latest version of Adobe Reader for FREE at

Get Electronic Audition Form

Don Juan in Hell

Audition Sides

Full Script


Terminus is an amazing piece of writing. It tells three stories with monologues made of internal rhymes; it IS Irish rap. The language and cadence will be challenging. It is also brutal, with murders, violent sex, foul language, very adult situations, and bad behavior.

The play will be read, not acted out. A lower-class Dublin accent would be beneficial. As an actor, if this is not the kind of play you are interested in doing, there is no need to audition. No foul.

Here are the characters (they don’t have names):

A: She is a somewhat down-and-out former teacher and mother, probably in her early 40s. She is not afraid to be violent when she feels an ex-student is being taken advantage of, she relentlessly seeks to physically confront the perpetrators. She is estranged from her daughter, but longs for reunification, perhaps as her recognition of being a lousy mother.

B: She is a lost soul in Dublin’s underclass, probably in her late 20s. After being “pimped” for her best friend’s boyfriend, she is saved from certain death by a demon made entirely of worms, and they eventually have a sexual relationship.

C: He only cares about himself, and is willing to kill his enemies brutally if he senses their displeasure. He seems to have no moral compass, and leads the “Garda” on a high-speed chase into Dublin with disastrous results.

Audition Sides


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